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Timebanking Maitland City - Building Stronger Community relationships through valuing and celebrating volunteers

Every person has something to contribute, by sharing your skills and helping others, you are a part of something AMAZING....

Our Community!

Timebanking is about you!! What you enjoy, What your strengths and skills are, What you are passionate about, What you would like to learn or need help with.

It's as simple as you give an hour, receive an hour.

By volunteering one hour to another member or organisation, you earn one hour of time credits which can be used to receive a service that is of personal value. It could be anything you can think of.... Lawn mowing,Personal training, Photography, Language tution, Transport to appointments, Dog walking, Shopping assistance, Cooking lessons, Tutoring, Computer lessons!

The possibilities are endless

Timebanking is all about making the place we live in even better. For some people in our community they may need help but are not able to give back for reasons such as ill health, age or lack of mobility and for that reason we have our COMMUNITY CHEST.  

You can choose to donate some or all of your hours to the Community Chest. Members who are unable to attain hours can use the Community chest to receive help.

Organisations are encouraged to join Timebanking too.

It's a wonderful way of rewarding volunteers and recognising their valuable work and contribution. Timebanking also provides a platform to reach out and ask for help that may be needed within your organisation (example; Volunteer needed to cook for a community dinner)

We believe everybody can be apart of Timebanking and encourage you to contact:

Jo at Maitland Neighbourhood Centre on 49320950 on Monday or Tuesday for further information or assistance with Timebanking

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Photo Credit - Carleen Corrie

- Maitland City Council

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