all aspects of basic/beginners computer usage.

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i can teach the following:moving,deleting,creating folders, how to access internet,email,search engine.

know most of the control panel functions like removing a software/program

transfer files, creating shortcuts,installing any drivers(for software/programs like printer/scanner/mobile phones.

where to find things( like programs and how many ways to do it.

seting up different languages for the pc. knowing most recovery mode keys in the keyboard.

install operating systems/programs. how to search the search engine for the things the person needs.

little bit of bios( basic input output system) how to changed different priorities to boot from.

close programs/open, maximise/minimise/ functions of microsoft word.

setting up printers scanners/ or other devices.

adding new hardware inside the motherboard.

definitions:hard drive-storage unit for files like movies pictures.

ram- the more u have the more the pc can operate multiple programs/software.

control alt delete-close stuck programs .

operating systems-how to know which operating system installed and how many memory.

i can replace basic parts of hardware in the motherboard.

shutdown properly/ create user name and passwords/list of hardware installed on the motherboard.


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