Volunteer social support/companionship

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If you or somebody you know has difficulty with social isolation or anxiety I am happy to offer my time (for free) with face to face outings, home visits, accompaniment grocery shopping, phone calls, emails or company going to appointments (or perhaps something else that you need help with.)

If you have a child, parent, friend or grandparent, or even an anxious pet that you know needs a companion I'll be here.


I am an understanding, compassionate, open-minded and non-judgmental person that will gladly work around any preferences or limitations you may have.

Perhaps you simply seek a friend to talk to, walk with, or go out with.

Or somebody to check-up on you at home or over the phone. To share a meal with, or remind you of important dates.

If you have anxiety talking to strangers, maintaining eye-contact, travelling on public transport or attending appointments alone for any reason whatsoever then I can help.


My priority is to create a relaxed space where you feel comfortable and free to talk (or not talk) and be treated with respect, not pity.

My availability: 


Expiring: 20 March 2018 - 12:00am