Make You a Batch of Turmeric Golden Paste

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I Will Make You A Batch Of Golden Paste

You may have heard of the benefits of turmeric for a whole range of conditions from chronic pain relief to easing arthritis suffering, improving skin condition and even potentially as an adjunct to some cancer treatments. The best way to take turmeric is by including it in your diet as food as it has been shown to be significantly more beneficial when taken this way rather than as a supplement.

Golden paste is a mixture of ground turmeric, coconut oil and pepper. Turmeric needs to be taken with a good oil and black pepper to maximise its bio-availabilty which simply means you get better results by taking it this way.

Golden paste can also be given to dogs, cats and horses for various conditions. Please do your own research. There is a very large Facebook group where people share their experiences.

I will make a batch of golden paste for you to include in your diet any way you would like to for you to collect from me in the Mid Mountains.

You should always check interactions with any medication you are currently on. Here is a tool where you can do this. Drug Interaction Checker

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