A magic show


Submitted by Member from Burwood on 10 July 2019 - 10:10pm

This show is suitable for entertainment at a birthday party, wedding, business function, festival or any celebration. My act is about a guy struggling to do his maths homework who then starts procrastinating by doing magic tricks. In school, my maths and science teachers could never understand how I would claim to bend the laws of nature to make my answers to their questions less incorrect than they actually were. I will keep your children entertained for about an hour with magic and balloon modelling. I make things appear from my mouth, like balls and cards. Coins come from everywhere, kids' ears,  noses or just from the air. I am the world quickest origami artist, I can fold a bird in 2 seconds. Everyone get's involved and everyone leaves the show feeling puzzled and amused. I am a magical inventor, many of the tricks in my show are original, you can see some of my ideas on Instagram or the videos linked below. Unlike most kids magicians, my act will fool and entertain both children and adults. I have an average rating of 4.8 stars based on more than 200 reviews on facebook, google and a variety of other business listing sites and have been a children's magician for 10 years. I perform at a range of other kinds of events like school incursions, Christenings, Bah Mitzvahs, birthday parties, school fetes, childcare and vacation care centres. The inner west of Sydney is the main area I work but will travel further from time to time.  Almost all my props are built by myself or ordinary things that can be bought at any shopping centre. I try to borrow them from people in the audience if I can, so you know they are normal. I give everything out to be examined.

Expiring: 10 Jul 2020 - 12:00am
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different every week