What is timebanking?

Timebanking is a community program that allows the voluntary exchange of services between members. It was originally set up by the NSW Government and is now a collaboration by experts in community run exchanges. 

It’s as simple as give an hour, receive an hour: by giving one hour of help to another member you earn one hour of time credits, which can be used to receive services that are of personal value such as dog walking, ironing, community gardening, massage, language tuition, painting, administrative assistance...you’re only restricted by your imagination.

Everyone can be part of Timebanking because everyone has something to give.

For a step-by-step guide to Timebanking, please download the user guide here.

What can timebanking do for me?

If you like to volunteer and give time to your community, Timebanking is for you!

Timebanking can help you build a network of support within your neighbourhood or community because Timebanking creates connections through sharing skills. You also earn time credits for giving your time and sharing your skills to help another member. You can then use these credits to receive services that are useful and valuable to you.

Everyone has different skills and knowledge to share, which is why Timebanking is so successful.

How is timebanking different from traditional volunteering?

In Timebanking you are volunteering your time, but unlike traditional volunteering you are likely to be volunteering for another member of your community. Also, in Timebanking you earn time credits for giving services to another which you can then use to receive services that are useful and valuable to you.

How does it work?

Once you become a Timebanking member, you are able to search through all the offers of assistance and requests for assistance made by other members.

If you see someone’s offer or request that you could complete, or that you would find useful, you simply contact that person to arrange the completion of the service.

Following completion of the task, the person who provided the service logs onto www.timebanking.com.au and registers the number of hours it took. The system then completes the exchange of time between the members involved.

Everyone has something to give, so have a think about what you could offer and what you could want. It may be housework, it could be guitar lessons, or even reading to someone there are no limits!

What types of services can I request?

Anything that you need help with from computer repairs, cleaning, driving, hospital visits, cooking lessons, umpiring, flat pack construction, pool cleaning, administrative assistance, working bees…the possibilities are endless!

What if I don't want anything?

You can still participate! If you don’t use the hours you earn, you can donate them to another Timebanking member by contacting your local Timebanking coordinator.

What is expected of me as a member?

We ask that members make their first exchange within two weeks of joining and engage in at least six activities during the course of a year. We also ask that you return any messages with requests or offers for service within several days of receiving them.

You are not obliged to provide a service to anyone, however you are asked to look for suitable opportunities to give back.

How can i become a member?

All you have to do is register on www.timebanking.com.au

You will then be sent a username and password so that you are able to access the system.

how much does it cost to become a member?

Timebanking is free to join so sign up today!

I don't have access to a computer or internet - How can I join?

Your local Timebanking coordinator will be able to help you register. Contact your local coordinator.

Further questions?

We’d be pleased to answer any other questions you may have. Contact us