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10 May 2024 - 8:22am

Recently, we commenced a series of 'No-bake slice' demos at some of our community hubs, showcasing just one of the skills everyday people can share on the Timebank. 

Through an interactive baking demo, we discovered the power of shared experiences in strengthening relationships.

We gathered in corporate lunch rooms and local church halls, embarking on a journey which was both educational and delicious. Equipped with bad jokes and stories galore as well as recipe cards and a few simple ingredients, we were ready to dive into the world of 'no-bake' baking together. 

Over crushed biscuits, lemon rind and ridiculously slow to melt chocolate, there were plenty of smiles as we collaborated to make two delicious slices! As Malteser choc bits flew everywhere and laughter filled the air, the atmosphere quickly transformed to one of inclusion and collaboration. 

Amidst the mess on the bench and mishaps over forgotten ingredients, conversations flowed effortlessly, transcending the usual confines of new group settings. Through this shared experience, barriers dissolved, and authentic connections were established. 

These interactive baking demos served as a powerful reminder of the importance of human connection and social inclusion, whilst also affirming that food will always draw a crowd!  



8 March 2024 - 10:27am

Timebanking isn't a new concept, in fact, it has been around for many years. 

All across the world there are well established Timebanks thriving with trades between members and creating a community, and culture, of giving back. 

From community gardens and meal trains to repair cafes and upcycling activities and exchanges, and everything else in between, these Timebanks are at the heart of their communities. They provide a much needed social connection but also a very practical way of giving and receiving, which is of course the very nature of a Timebank, reciprocity. 

Check out our latest fact sheet, attached to this blog post, to read about examples of how Timebanking is working around the world.

We hope this inspires you to see even just a few of the possibilities of Timebanking, and the many ways in which you could participate in our Timebank! 

January means holidays, relaxation, and cherished moments with friends and family for many, but for some, it can be a time of isolation and loneliness.  

A quick scroll of social media in January will paint a picture of idyllic sunsets, moments in nature, happy snaps of families at the beach and a stream of grazing board pics. But if your friends are off holidaying at the coast, your usual social group is on break and your favourite cafĂ© is closed, January can feel very lonely.  

There are many ways to reframe this time in January, one of which can be through using your additional spare time to try something new.  

A perfect way to do this is through a Timebank like ours, because unlike normal volunteering, a Timebank is reciprocal. This means that you will be able to help others through the sharing of skills or time, while filling your social cup with newfound connections, and perhaps even receiving something you need in return. 

This January, let's think outside the box and give back!  

Timebanking provides an opportunity for people to support a more collaborative economy, one that is based on time and skills, rather than money.

Timebanking offers a real and practical means to move past a community focused upon money, to one embracing the core values of community, values such as generosity and reciprocity. The idea of Timebanking is simple, give an hour, receive an hour.

Timebanking shows us that we all have something to offer and contribute. Whether it is mowing lawns, reading aloud, running errands or teaching someone how to use their new device. Timebanking means everyone's time is valued the same - regardless of skill set, knowledge or surplus resource shared.

In a society that seems to glorify 'going it alone' and 'independence', it would seem that interdependence is a radical idea! But we believe that interdependence helps a community to grow and thrive - knowing that people can lean on those around them is a key way to build trust and connection.

Participation in a Timebank encourages a mindset of truly being part of a community, with an emphasis on the idea that we are valuable and useful to that community! It serves as an excellent avenue to meet new people, fostering fulfilling relationships built on reciprocity and care. 

1 December 2023 - 2:38pm

Welcome to our Timebanking community blog! On this blog we will share a collection of stories, wisdom and advice on all things Timebanking as well as connections to community events through the wider reach of Time2Connect.  

For most of us, Timebanking will be an entirely new concept and regardless of your reason for joining, we hope that you find this blog a source of inspiration and guidance. From tales of new connections and friendships made through timebanking to practical guides on things to do, or initiating local groups, our blog will encompass a diverse array of topics. 

A hour of your time, either offering practical assistance or sharing a skill, really can make a difference!