Is timebanking the solution to a more inclusive economy?

Timebanking provides an opportunity for people to support a more collaborative economy, one that is based on time and skills, rather than money.

Timebanking offers a real and practical means to move past a community focused upon money, to one embracing the core values of community, values such as generosity and reciprocity. The idea of Timebanking is simple, give an hour, receive an hour.

Timebanking shows us that we all have something to offer and contribute. Whether it is mowing lawns, reading aloud, running errands or teaching someone how to use their new device. Timebanking means everyone's time is valued the same - regardless of skill set, knowledge or surplus resource shared.

In a society that seems to glorify 'going it alone' and 'independence', it would seem that interdependence is a radical idea! But we believe that interdependence helps a community to grow and thrive - knowing that people can lean on those around them is a key way to build trust and connection.

Participation in a Timebank encourages a mindset of truly being part of a community, with an emphasis on the idea that we are valuable and useful to that community! It serves as an excellent avenue to meet new people, fostering fulfilling relationships built on reciprocity and care. 

Published on 19 December 2023 - 11:22am