Lunch & Learn Baking Demos

Recently, we commenced a series of 'No-bake slide' demos at some of our community hubs, showcasing just one of the skills everyday people can share on the Timebank. 

Through an interactive baking demo, we discovered the power of shared experiences in strengthening relationships.

We gathered in corporate lunch rooms and local church halls, embarking on a journey which was both educational and delicious. Equipped with bad jokes and stories galore as well as recipe cards and a few simple ingredients, we were ready to dive into the world of 'no-bake' baking together. 

Over crushed biscuits, lemon rind and ridiculously slow to melt chocolate, there were plenty of smiles as we collaborated to make two delicious slices! As Malteser choc bits flew everywhere and laughter filled the air, the atmosphere quickly transformed to one of inclusion and collaboration. 

Amidst the mess on the bench and mishaps over forgotten ingredients, conversations flowed effortlessly, transcending the usual confines of new group settings. Through this shared experience, barriers dissolved, and authentic connections were established. 

These interactive baking demos served as a powerful reminder of the importance of human connection and social inclusion, whilst also affirming that food will always draw a crowd!  



Published on 22 February 2024 - 5:29pm